Our Pricing

Custom Floral Designs uses only premium quality, properly cared for, fresh flowers from all over the world and local gardens to bring your dream to life. Our clients receive lush floral arrangements with the best and newest varieties of floral product available. Beyond flowers, we’ll use produce, woody textures, shells, jewelry, beads, ribbons, crystals and even your personal momentos to achieve a meaningful, original look. We pride ourselves on using only the best materials and flowers in our arrangements.

Because each client has unique floral preferences and wedding event dates impact the type/price of flowers available, you will receive a customized quote after your design consultation at our floral studio in Andover. The average cost of flowers for a wedding event is 10-15% of your overall wedding cost. We always respect your budget and will design creations to the fullest extent within your price range. We can accomodate almost any budget and will help you determine what is realistic at your design consultation.

Design Consultation/Booking
Contact us to schedule your complimentary design consultation and receive a customized quote. To hold your wedding date, we require a 10% deposit. Your deposit is fully applied toward your balance due, but is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.